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DMC is a club for Radio Control Model enthusiasts, both beginners and the more experienced. The aim is to provide a relaxed and family friendly environment for learning and honing the skills needed for safely flying and enjoying model aircraft.

A brief video for the information of those who wish to fly 'drones' - which come in many forms and are currently a hot topic, world wide.

Doddington Model Club wish to promote good, responsible and safe flying and expect the same from all of our members.

When does it run?

The Club meets on most Sundays in the Summer, and between 10am and 3pm.  Members also fly on other week days too.

There's loads of room in the sky!

We have an outdoor site which we maintain ourselves and there is sufficient room for parkingThe field is also used for night flying with electric modelsPilots choosing to fly in the dark must be able to fly competently solo and have a model which is suitably lit for orientation and safety of everyone.
We value the opinion of others and value our flying site.  If you see or hear of a problem, please report it to us.


There are many different types of model ideally suited for outdoor flying.  These include numerous small electric aircraft (both fixed wing and helicopters).

Outdoors the sky is the limit!  Single rotor helicopters up to the T-Rex 700 and mutlirotor up to 800 size can be flown on our site.  Planes with a wingspan in excess of a metre, but particularly large models must be approved, but in any case; no larger than 90 inches - we want to keep our site safe and to ensure longevity of our site use, acceptable to those who surround us.
Turbine models are not allowed at the site, which is a decision of the club committee.  This is solely to ensure levels of noise are acceptable to our neighbours.

Times have changed!

A hobby that was once prohibitive to get into due to the cost of the equipment has become much more accessible in recent years. For example, a good quality fully controllable helicopter can now be purchased for just a few 10's of 's, ranging to 1000's for the more aerobatic larger models.
Recent advancements in battery technology have in particular made electric flying more feasible in terms of flying time.  Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries are able to provide the high current required for high performance aerobatics while still remaining very light. Typical flight times are between 5-15 minutes, depending on the flying style and battery capacity

The smallest remote-controlled production model helicopter made (Guinness World Records 2006) is the Pico-Z sold at many toy stores (although this is infrared controlled, not radio), electronics stores and internet stores, costing about 15. The next smallest is the Mosquito counter-rotating blade helicopter, which is also a battery-operated R/C helicopter.

I am interested, but what do I do now?

Have you got a model at home that you've never been able to fly or run properly, or are you just curious about the hobby? Then come and speak to us!!

You can contact us from a number of pages within our site, including by clicking HERE to email us.

Our Favourite local model supplier is Inwood Models in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire - www.inwoodmodels.com
We seek to raise as much money as possible for the RSPCA Block Fen, Cambridgeshire - www.rspca.org.uk/local/block-fen-animal-centre

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